Summer Vacattical Recipe

IMG_5191Ah, summer. Even after 8 years, I never got used to waking up at 5:30 a.m. and arriving at the school before the sun got its happy ass above the horizon. In the first week of break, I would burrow into my couch and tear through the stack of books I’d collected since winter, like a bear binge-eating it’s bevvy of food after hibernation. I’d pad around my house in pajamas and not touch a single makeup brush. This sloth-gluttony-booklust would last about a week, and then I’d feel the hard-working girl’s guilt and start making “Productive Things” lists.

Now I have two young kids (3 and 1 years old), so they function as walking-talking, crawling-crying to-do lists. If I was friends with Marty McFly, I’d jump into the Delorian, meet up with my younger self and tell her to cook up the perfect summer by making it part vacation, part sabbatical.

Here’s my recipe for the perfect summer vacattical (yes, I just coined my own term):

- 5 quarts of sunscreen for playing outside with family and friends

- 2 stacks of books to read

- 4  in-house date nights

- 3 trips to local attractions you’ve always wanted to check out

- A sprinkle of summer music

- 1/2 hour every other day to write (journal, social media, letters – the genre doesn’t matter!)

- 1 new professional organization to join

- 2 magazines or books regarding a subject matter other than the one you teach

- A handful of new people to follow on Twitter

- 4 new recipes to try out now and make during the school year

I’ve got ideas to share for each ingredient, so new posts will be coming soon! In the meantime, I hope your vacattical is off to a great start!